mevo Marcus Fussstetter

Marcus Fußstetter

If there is one thing, Marcus Fußstetter truly despises, it’s when things come to a standstill. And if you’d ask him what he really loves doing, his answer for sure would be “cooking”. In consequence you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that he’s designed and is now producing a mobile kitchen.
The journey up to this point is a bit more adventorous. A carpenter by profession for many years he’s worked in the event and trade show business in Munich. When returning to his home town Wasserburg am Inn, he opened his first small shop in 1999 and was ready to put the many ideas he had developed while building show stands – and not to forget while enjoying his passion for cooking – to the test. Working closely with many catering professionals he started designing, planning and manufacturing custom made kitchens. And that quite successful in the planning office in Wasserburg. This is where he and his team can still be found drawing and hammering today. Or rather, cooking and hammering. Because regular cooking events take place there as well – while giving birth to many life dreams and ideas on dream living.
mevo is one example of such a dream come true. After seven years of spending every free minute perfecting it’s design, materials and details, mevo is now ready to be enjoyed by kitchen enthusiasts around the world.
Are you ready to experience mevo yourself?