Forget the popular belief that small kitchens don’t offer enough space for (great) cooking. mevo will quickly convince you that the very opposite is true. Hand-made accessories can not only be combined as you desire but because of its clever hang-on system can easily be hung to mevo’s body. Speaking of mevo’s body – you can easily take off all the exterior surfaces with one click and replace them with other materials.

mevo System - pure Flexibility


All exterior surfaces of mevo can be replaced by different materials. For example: leather, stone, wood, mineral, metal, …

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mevo worktop


A worktop is for working on. So that this doesn’t change, you can hang all the stuff that can quickly clutter your worktop on the outside of the body.

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mevo System - variable organisation systems


Thanks to variable organisation systems you can also arrange the inside of your mevo to suit your requirements and you always have all utensils near at hand when needed. No more searching.

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mevo Tablett - erweitert beliebig das System


You can never get enough of some things. Such as chocolate. Or great kitchen accessories. But does that mean that your worktop has to look cluttered all the time? Not with mevo. Thanks to our hand-made accessories and clever hang-on system they can easily be hung to mevo’s body.

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